Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living in the subtropics now...

Its been a sublime day and the light on the 'look after itself'' part of the garden brings out the subtropical vibe. Those plants i nearly uprooted are glorious in their greenery and theres flower buds of an exotic tangent beginning to appear. The 'drip tips' on leaves so recognisably rainforest abound and create shadow blessed beauty.

"Observing the continual degradation of rainforest, both within and outside Australia can be so depressing that immobilisation and inertia set in. A sure antidote is getting into, observing and learning from those rainforests that are relatively safe. The forest itself provides the inspiration necessary for its protection. We encourage those who use rainforest plants in their gardens to think about and appreciate the fantastically complex ecosystems to which their delightful specimens belong."
                                           Nan and Hugh Nicholson,
                                                    in "Australian Rainforest Plants 3". 1991.

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