Friday, February 3, 2017

Calendula, Rose and Lavendar Cream brew up 3/19/2016

The arts of nourishing, sustain and support systems, tis the way of things. Herbal teacher Susun Weed retaught me this in allying to the green, rememberance. Ive not long been introduced to the realms of doing so through our largest organ, the skin, and it kinda happened organically (uncertified but certifiable). I was reacting to most store bought moisturisers and sunscreens, living in a hot, humid climate, and copping mild eczema like blistering and stress rashes that had me reaching for steroidal creams for some relief.

Then I met Calendula, her petals more specifically, as an infused oil. Liquid sunshine. Admittedly at first the neat oil was slower to heal my face then the steroidal creams, taking more like a week than ta da overnight, but results came, I became determined, and fascinated. After double infusing my own Calendula (Calendula officinales), Rose (Rosa centifolia) and Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) oils, the experimentation with Rosemary Gladstar's (thanks lovely) preservative free moisturiser recipe began. Nowadays the rashes clear quickly (I have also found cool Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) infusions really helpfull) and The Nook's face cream has evolved. Not bad for an ungirly girl, so far!

It all began with a face to face weekend workshop with a lovely and generous local herbalist who mentored me in such ways of caretaking. Lotions and potions, a magical lineage. As is women sharing such knowledge...

I add in small amounts of essential oils of Grandfather Sage (Salvia apiana) for assisting to clear stagnant energy or entitys in need of healing, and Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) for a touch of similar vibe plus the physicality of skin inflammation easing. 

There's also soothing aloe vera gel and rose water. Rose has charmed me with her capacity to gently touch grief, heart break and injury. So there's the infused oil and the floral water included, life requires it at times. Rosehip and Shea butter, I know, fancy eh but noice. When you stop smoking ciggies and drinking booze you need some treats aside from sugar :)
The flash from the camera makes these look like real whiteys, but in actuality these babies are dyed by the infused oils they contain....

Calendula petals straight from the flower
Dried petals
Infusing oils n the billy on to celebrate

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