Monday, October 17, 2011

datura and shedding skins....

 Ive tried to let the solanaceae know id like to get aquainted some. My efforts at raising belladonna from seed was a complete non germination event, so Ive protectively brought my 2 surviving henbanes inside. Then when some friends came to visit, as we were sitting outside, Beth noticed this datura flower! There's no confusing that distinctive shape and i was right chuffed having thought the plant was native tobacco, which come to think of it is probably also a solanaceae.

Then we watched as a minor bird proceeded to pull apart a golden orb spiders web, obviously to use for its nest building. I'm very protective of our spiders, so was dismayed when it appeared she had been injured by the bird. On closer inspection though, oooh and aaah, she was shedding her skin right then and there!

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