Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Talking to plants...

Talking to plants. You might already do this without knowing it. When that houseplants leaves droop, its time to water, when the frosts come in you worry about those trees you just planted, on a roasting hot day youre glad you mulched around that herb. Maybe you kill everything you try to grow, except one real tough plant that can you use in your cooking, or for that particular recurring health problem. Plants want to communicate with us, infact theyre pretty much natures boddhisatvas.
They give us our breath our whole lives, and then we give them ours. Its a giving and recieving relationship thats core to our essence of life, easy to forget amidst our to do, still havent done and wish I hadnt done lists.
Some folks acknowledge plants as lifes great teachers, healers and artists. Not bad for someone who is rooted to the one spot for most of their lives, some for under a year. Imagine how crazy we seem to a 120 year old figtree thats watched our comings and goings for that long. Talk about meditation.
How wouldo u feel if u took 5 minutes to lean on that ancient trunk and just breathe, sigh. How do you feel when you put that aloe vera on a hot burn, aah. The communications already goin down, its just not called up to the surface of our minds. So if you think youre not a plant person, pause a moment before you believe that. We are all plant people. We are all in dialogue with them. Every breathe we take or give.
So if chatting away to plants makes you look for the oncoming white coated men, if growing food and medicine from seeds bores you to even think about or if all you see in trees is a fire hazard youre still a plant person. On the other hand if the sight of a seeds first sprouting tip excites you silly, the shape of an agophra trunk gets you in the mood,  the scent of jasmine evokes springs coming, tasting your own homegrown tomatoe rocks your world, your a plant person.
Probably theres a combo of the two going on, you love that rose youve nurtured into flowering but get pissed off by the oxalis growing all around her. You listen to the rose but block out the oxalis, I do cos shes stifling my native grasses. But I also acknowledge the leaves of oxalis, while high in oxalic acid, add a lemony zesty taste if I pop a few in my soup right at the end. Its just shes kinda domineering and likes to take over the conversation.
I hope here to introduce you to some of my conversations with plants and hope maybe you can do the same because I can learn from your experiences things that go under my radar....

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