Monday, June 6, 2011

Chickweed...Stellaria media...

This little lady likes to grow where its cool and she offers us the same, cooling off for fevers and infections. Youll know her by her single line of hairs along her light green stem, shes too organic to shave and her small 5 petaled ( though it looks more) white flowers would giggle at the very suggestion. In salads shes a treat, Ive heard she also makes a fine pesto. I find her a plant of 'letting go' be that of excess weight or 'stuff' thats holding us back. Her tincture taken in small doses, say 5 drops at a time, works for me like a flower essence remedy to help let go of issues.  Look for her in disturbed soils where she'll form a lush green matt that you can simply give a haircut and leave the rest to keep growing!

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